Chairperson of Board – Alkhovka Irina

Alkhovka Irina

The specialist in sphere of gender equality, defense of women rights, prevention of gender based violence and trafficking in human beings, and also in management of non-governmental organizations, the member of the National Council on Gender Policy of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

She has the experience in implementation of public advocacy campaigns and lobbying with the aim of promotion of women’s interests at the national and international level. She is an author and editor of books, collections, articles on the subject of prevention of violence towards women. She has provided professional expertise in qualitative researches on request of the UN, the OSCE and the ECPAT agencies.  
She has been working in the third sector since 1997, from 1997 to 2008 she has been the Head of the Belarusian Association of Young Christian Women, and in 2002 she has founded the Program “La Strada Belarus” for prevention of trafficking in human beings. Since 2014 she has been the Head of the International Network “La Strada”.

In 2014 Irina Alkhovka was awarded with the honorable prize (UNESCO ChairAward) for the contribution to the human rights defense at the international level in sphere of combating trafficking in human beings from the Institute of Human Rights of the Connecticut University (USA) which obtains the special status within the UNSECO.

Manager of “La Strada” Program – Nesteruk Elena

Nesteruk Elena

Board Member – Tjurina Galina     

Tjurina Galina

The co-author of the courses, publications and trainings, standard operational procedures in sphere of combating trafficking in human beings and safe migration, facilitator in organizational development and coach-manager. She is also professionally competent in sphere of human resources, networking and communication management.
The sphere of personal interests includes the life-management, the gender psychology. The education: the higher legal education, the Master degree in Economy in administration, the special course on psychodynamic approach to consulting and comprehension of trauma (Sophia, Bulgaria), the systematic and integrative coaching (Moscow, Russia).