The International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” was established in 2010 in Belarus (the Registration certificate №02080 from 10.08.2010 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus) by the initiative group of women working on projects for prevention of trafficking in human beings and for combating its key reasons.

The main achievement we are proud of is the trust of our clients, whose rights have been violated in spheres described above. It is proved by continuing annual increase of the number of requests for help, media interest in our activity, and also by recognition by the government, international society and other NGOs.  

The IPA “Gender Perspectives” is the self-developing organization which aims at respect of human rights both by society and within the organization. Our program activity is implemented according to the democratic principles, the feministic values and the international standards in sphere of human rights.  The management culture and organizational development are built upon thorough analysis of internal and external environment with regard to interests of the personnel and are constantly improved using modern approaches and technologies. For example, in 2011 the system of monitoring and evaluation of program and operational activity of our organization was developed, the managerial approaches were aligned. During 2012-2013 the organization developed standards of quality of social services provided in sphere of prevention of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence, which were created to enable impersonal evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of our activity.

International recognition and representation in the international networks allows us to convey successful international experience and the best practices for its introduction in Belarus, and also enforces shared voice of the European and International women movement. Thus, for example, in 2006 the “La Strada” Program was awarded with the special prize of the German Committee of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) as the most successful project for prevention of trafficking in human beings among non-governmental organizations in the Eastern Europe.   

The IPA “Gender Perspectives” is the member of the following networks:

  • The European Network for Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in Countries of the Central and Eastern Europe “La Strada” of the International Association “La Strada” (The Netherlands),
  • WAVE – the European network “Women Against Violence Europe” (Austria),
  • The Nationwide Network of NGOs for Prevention of Domestic Violence (Belarus),  
  • The National Gender Platform (Belarus),  
  • The International Gender Strategic Platform (Ukraine).