Our standpoint of human rights

The mission of the International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” is to enhance such development of society when women and men are able to make free social choice. The activity of the organization is aimed at achievement of actual equality of women and men, elimination of discrimination based on gender identity by implementation of social programs for prevention of gender based violence, including prevention of trafficking in human beings, domestic violence, workplace discrimination, and sexual harassments.

Our standpoint of domestic violence

The problem of violence is defined in the legislation of Belarus as a common problem with no regard to the specific domestic violence. In Belarus Criminal and Civil Codes, the Code of Administrative Offences, which contain a number of articles that define the measure of responsibility for the implementation of the illegal acts of violence against the person - assault, rape, torture, murder. However, experience shows that some forms of violence actually criminal not punished if they are committed in the home. For example, if a man raped a woman - he is called to account, but if he had committed sexual violence against his wife, and in the public consciousness, and law enforcement officials to the problem seriously relate. In other words, some violence, prohibited under criminal or administrative law, when committed in the family are treated differently than committed outside the family. This fact actualizes the need for special legislation on the prevention of domestic violence.

Our standpoint of gender

We believe that the gender equality is fruitful for both women and men, and also for the state, which shall ensure such equality. Moreover the gender is the special factor of vulnerability, especially for women, which restricts their rights, capabilities and access to resources in various life spheres. De jure equality does not ensure de facto equality. By following our mission we advocate implementing by the state its undertaken duties, and we also provide actual support and protection for women whose rights have been violated.