It's amazing how many myths are surround such a thing as "feminism." And to be a feminist or a feminist - is almost a curse. If you're a feminist, it is likely that a "blue stocking" or a man-hater, well, men in general there are few people who dare to call themselves feminist. We have forgotten or never knew the true definition of feminism movement for actual equality of men and women. It is thanks to feminism, women now have the right to vote, can choose where and with whom to learn how many children to have and leave it even married. The women's movement has inspired including men's initiative - violence against women, the rights of women in the education of the children and the custody of children in divorce.

Living in the 21st century, having at hand the Internet, mobile and e-money, it is difficult for us to imagine how only a hundred  years ago, women could not vote, even in their own families, and married, lost his name, calling, "Mrs. X "by the name of her husband. My grandmother was not able to finish my studies, even in elementary school, but my mother always said that women should be independent and be able to provide itself. My first working trip was when my son was 11 months. And now it's nice to see in the eyes of 14-year-old son, who does what he likes. A beloved husband will never come up with the idea to put "point blank" - or family or career. And I can not imagine my life in a different way, without those achievements, and most importantly the freedom of choice that gave feminism.

At the heart of violence against women is gender discrimination, and it is against the manifestations of this discrimination are the feminists and feminists. And I think that sexism is essentially no different from racial, age, on the basis of religion or nationality, residence or physical ability. All of these types of discrimination in common - the fear and reluctance to recognize the usefulness of another person who is different from us. Men do not recognize women's leadership, a healthy person with prejudice relates to the ability of whose physical or mental abilities are limited, well, what is fraught with ideology of the superiority of races, we know from the lessons of the Second World War.

Let's look at the issue of relations between the sexes differently, not as an eternal dispute - who is smarter, stronger, or more beautiful, but as an opportunity to complement one another and recognize the value of "being different" and "be yourself." I strongly believe that human happiness has no gender.