The International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered by the Ministry of Justice in 2010.

Organization’s activity is aimed at contribution to achievement of real equality of women and men, liquidation of gender based discrimination by implementation of social programs for prevention of gender based violence, including prevention of trafficking in human beings, domestic violence, discrimination at work, sexual harassments.

General activity:

  • complex support of victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, including consultations by a psychologist, a lawyer, a doctor, social provision services, informational support, temporary safe accommodation provision,
  • provision of information about safe migration via the toll-free informational hotline 113 and e-mail,
  • consulting of victims of domestic violence via the toll-free national hotline 8-801-100-8-801,
  • informational and educational events for professional groups on prevention of human trafficking, domestic violence, gender inequality,
  • systematic provision of informational, educational and social activity: preparation and publication of educational manuals for specialists, and brochures, booklets,
  • research, expert and analytical activity.

Down the page you can find detailed annual reports of our activity:

Audit report, 2014
Annual activity report of the the La Strada Belarus programme IPA “Gender Perspectives”, 2013
Annual activity report of the IPA “Gender Perspectives” on domestic violence, 2012-2013
Annual activity report of the the La Strada Belarus programme IPA “Gender Perspectives”, 2012
Annual activity report of the La Strada Belarus programme\IPA “Gender Perspectives”, 2011