Strategic goals of the International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” for 2014 -2024:

  • To promote gender policy as the one equally prioritized along with other state policies in Belarus
  • To contribute to development and implementation of the effective legislation on combating domestic violence and protection of the rights of victims
  • To contribute to enhancement of legal competence of citizens in sphere of migration and minimization of the risk to become a victim of human trafficking, and also to contribute to development of the Belarusian legislation and the law enforcement practice in sphere of prevention of trafficking in human beings.
  • To ensure effective functioning and management of the organization based on principals of professionalism, reporting, transparency and high quality provision of services

Target groups

  • Authorities from the state executive bodies, parliamentarians, mass media representatives
  • Specialists from the state and non-governmental organizations
  • Potential migrants, citizens of Belarus who appeared in a crisis situation abroad, and victims of human trafficking
  • Women suffering from any type of violence